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functional architecture


Our products are tested, trusted and proven in the market place, making them amongst the most reliable and efficient available and are exceptionally customizable and agile allowing us to offer implementation speeds to top any other market leader, helping our customers make the most of their technology investments.

To help understand how our products fit together and to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio, we have separated our products into the 5 key categories that cover all areas of payments software and make up the TranzWare suite.


processing hub

This hub is made up of products and modules that enable secure, high-performance, scalable, multi-channel processing, from switch management to electronic bill presentment helping you build a state-of-the-art future-proof processing facility.

Online - Secure and flexible payments switching, routing, authorization. Extensive library of interfaces to host systems, payment networks, CBS and comprehensive SDK. ATM driving and advanced monitoring system. POS terminal driving. Remote access to processing centre resources for full system management (FIMI). All kinds of cards supported.

PostPay - PostPay is an automated EBPP solution that is designed to effectively function in a multi-vendor environment in Western as well as emerging markets. The solution is equally beneficial in all respects: for bill payers, vendors and Billing Service Providers (BSP). The introduction of agents (e.g. post offices, merchants, banks) into the system’s functional architecture makes PostPay especially well-suited for emerging markets as, in addition to the Internet, these agents can provide a variety of access channels and payment options (e.g. cash at a post office). PostPay is positioned as a stand-alone solution, which can be integrated with any set of processing or billing solutions.


Cards and Accounts

Products in this section work to enable efficient card, account and merchant management, encompassing the entire card lifecycle management, flexible card personalization, comprehensive clearing and settlement in diverse environments and many broad retail banking functionalities from revolving credit cards and saving accounts and to loans and installments.

Card Management Software (CMS) - Full card lifecycle management. Payments and account management. Support of extensive range of cards, card products and accounts, including cards of all international and domestic payment networks. Acquiring and merchant management. Flexible settlement functionality.

Interchange - Today’s electronic payment environment is proving to be increasingly complex, where crucial activities such as clearing and settlement are especially complicated. To stay efficient and productive, financial institutions require a robust, comprehensive and easy to maintain transaction interchange solution that automates a large number of back office activities, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Card Factory - Card Factory is a refined card personalization and issuance solution specifically designed to drive the costs of EMV card personalization and issuance down, enabling card issuers to satisfy the demands of any market in a cost effective, efficient and secure way.


Fraud and Security

All products are PA DSS compliant and have a vast number of security measures in place. In addition, productsin this section have been developed exclusively to provide advanced fraud detection and prevention, including 3D Secure Internet transaction authenticity checks.

Fraud Analyzer- Fraud Analyzer is scrupulously designed to stringently monitor fraud, to address the issues of fraud detection and prevention as well as to ensure proactive fraud management by providing a host of tools enabling our customers to stay ahead of criminal manipulation.

e-Commerce- As one of the tools in the fight against online fraud, e-Commerce is purposed for advanced and reliable Internet transaction authenticity checks based on 3-D Secure protocol and SecureCode programmes that make it compulsory for cardholders to verify their identity to their bank at the point of online purchase. The product has two separate modules - Access Control Server (ACS) and Payment Gateway (TWPG) designed for issuers and acquirers respectively. Bank customers can easily enroll for the service either via an Internet banking website or at an ATM.

Remote banking - These products are designed to meet all of your remote banking requirements, harnessing the latest Internet and mobile technologies and providing an array of options to help you establish flexible, fully adaptive remote banking services.

Internet Banking- The distinct advantages of Internet Banking are primarily related to its modular system architecture. Due to the use of web technologies such as Ajax and jQuery it has become possible to separate the business logic of operation processing from application design and build the application as a set of movable customizable functional modules (widgets).