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Over the last 15 years ITC Ltd has earned the title of being one of the market leader for delivering outstanding product‚ services and as well as performances. Our credibility can easily be proven from the following significant qualities.

  • Third Party Processor in the region for In-sourcing of Cards Business.
  • Certified for third party processor by Visa International and MasterCard
  • EMV compliance Issuer & Acquirer
  • Expertise in both the issuing and acquiring business including e-Commerce and Mobile Financial Services.
  • Proven Experience & Expertise in Project Management‚Consultancy service & Scheme Sponsorship.
  • Certified Card Personalization Center.
  • Multiple Currency Processing capability.
  • State of the art Card Management system with 24⁄7 authorizations and processing.
  • Visa International Certified ACI product‚ Pro-Active Risk Manager(PRM) to combat issuing fraud and acquiring fraud as per Card Scheme Regulations
  • State of Art Interactive Voice Response System.


There are as many as 200+ employees dedicated to serve IT Consultants Ltd. from various backgrounds and skills‚ having over 100+ in the Technical wing. The main strengths of the human resources are:

  • 200+highly skilled professionals‚ increasing as demand increases
  • Global knowledge and solid understanding of Local Market
  • Continuous Research & Development


  • Leading Third Party Processor in Payment Industry in Bangladesh
  • Certified by Visa International and MasterCard as TPP
  • Proven Experience & Expertise in Project Management‚ Consultancy Service & Scheme Sponsorship


  • Q–cash ATM Network
  • ATM Sales & Support
  • Switching Solution Sales & Support
  • Design‚ Development and Support of Transaction Processing System for ATMs/ Kiosks/ POS/ E-commerce
  • Payment Gateways
  • Debit/Credit/Prepaid Card Personalization & Management
  • Core Banking Solution Sales & Support
  • POS Terminals Sales & Support
  • KIOSK–Deposit Machines Sales & Support
  • Transaction Switching
  • Mobile VAN ATM
  • Remittance Distribution Solution


We provide total end-to-end card solution, banking technology and information solution as well as solutions for card personalization, key management, ATM installation and maintenance and EFTPOS (Electronic Fund Transfer at Point Of Sales) machine installation and maintenance and the entire transaction processing. We also provide consultancy to financial institutions to get certifications and Payment Card (VISA, Amex, etc.) issuing/acquiring licenses. In short we implement and support:

  • Q-cash ATM Network
  • ATM Sales & Support
  • Debit Card Personalization & Management
  • POS Terminals Sales & Support
  • KIOSK-Deposit Machines Sales & Support
  • Credit Card Personalization & Management
  • Transaction Switching
  • ATM Transaction Processing
  • Merchant Transaction Processing
  • Remittance Processing
  • Third party VISA Membership support
  • SMS Solution
  • Biometric ATM Solution


At ITC, alliances are central to our corporate strategy; to our client’s business and to the way we deliver value to our clients. Through our relationships and authorization with outstanding companies like Compass Plus, Wincor-Nixdorf, VISA, CIM, SAND, Safenet and VeriFone. We always thrive to add to the fabric of technologies, business tools and capabilities that we can serve to our Government & Commercial Banks